If you are eligible to create a trading account according to your risk profile

you can open as many live trading accounts, both MT4 and/or MT5, as you like and a live investor account (with or without leverage depending on your risk profile).

Forex trading, indices, commodities are cryptocurrencies available on both platforms (MT4 and MT5) whereas shares are only available on MT5. Bear in mind that if you open a live Metatrader account you will have to select the type of assets you will trade (Forex, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies OR shares - it is not possible to trade all groups on the same account). Once you have created the account with your selected group, you will not be able to switch from one group to the other:

It is now possible to create a DARWIN from any live Darwinex Metatrader account which trade Forex, indices and commodities but not those Metatrader account which trade shares and cryptocurrencies yet. However, there is a restriction on the accounts trading IBEX when it comes to creating a DARWIN. SPA35 is enabled manually upon request since we have not managed to adapt our risk manager to its timetable yet.  Therefore, although you can create a DARWIN from an MT4/MT5 strategy which has traded the IBEX, once the DARWIN has been created, that asset will be disabled on the underlying strategy (unless the user decides to continue trading it and not go ahead with the DARWIN).

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