Plots % changes in mark to market value of equity at end of day (20:59 UTC), for the timeframe selected next to the chart.

This chart can be found on the DARWINs' page, under the 'Basic' tab.

What’s the point?

The chart plots equity liquidation values - i.e. accounts for ALL P&L, including both:

  • Realized P&L (balance, accounting for cash-flows and closed trades) AND
  • Equity at risk, on trades open at end of day

The chart thus tracks changes to the hypothetical net asset value for any investor replicating the strategy, regardless of whether trades are closed or remain open.

What’s NOT the point?

This is NOT plotting account balance.

Darwinex’s return calculation is different from many alternative services - in accounting for unrealized P&L it accounts for ALL available information!

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