A DARWIN is a 100% liquid asset that you can buy and sell whenever you want EXCEPT under the following 3 circumstances:

  • 16:59-17:05 (New York Time) : DAILY MARKET CLOSURE => as a protective measure for our investors and as a consequence of the low liquidity/wide spreads during market closure, you will be unable to buy/sell DARWINs. The only exception will be Friday night when the market will close  at 16:55 instead of 16:59 (New York Time)

  • 17:10-18:00 (New York Time): DARWIN TRADING WITH ASSETS SUBJECT TO TRADING HOUR RESTRICTIONS (INDICES AND COMMODITIES) => if you want to sell a DARWIN that has a position open on certain indices and/or commodity, those which close for an hour every day as you can see in our Execution Conditions, the sale will not be carried out immediately, rather you will have to wait for the corresponding index and/or commodity to reopen.  This sale will be reflected in your investor platform once it has been executed by our system, in other words when the index/commodity reopens.

Example:  imagine that you are investing in the DARWIN AAA, which currently has two open trades, the EURUSD and the SPX500.  As you already know, between 20:55 and 21:10 UTC, you are unable to sell said DARWIN (neither in its entirety nor partially). Once the clock reaches 21:10 UTC, you decide to sell 100% of your investment, and now what happens?  In this case, Darwinex will sell the EURUSD trade because the market for that asset remains open.  However, your position on the SPX500 cannot be sold due to the fact that this asset closes at 21:00 UTC and does not open until 22:00 UTC, therefore you will have to wait until 22:00 UTC so that Darwinex can sell your trade on the SPX500. Only from this time onwards will you be able to see the whole trade from your investor platform, and not beforehand.

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