If as an investor you have the leverage option enabled, there is a way to increase your investment amount in the event that you have a profitable open position in a given DARWIN.

By way of example, let’s assume that we have €5,000 invested in a DARWIN and that the open P/L is €1,000. Let us also assume that the leverage employed is 2x

If at this point we were to close our position, the platform would automatically retain €200 by way of performance fees. Our unlevered investment capacity would then be equal to our initial investment plus our net P/L i.e €2,500+€800 = €3,300. Using 2x leverage as previously, our available investment capacity is now increased to €6,600

As such, we could reopen the same position (5000+1000=6000), with €3,000 and still have another €600 left over to invest.

It is advisable to do this type of adjustment periodically in order to increase your investment capacity. Remember however, that it is best to do this when the DARWIN does not have an open position in order to avoid generating unnecessary commissions.

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