A DARWIN´s list price reflects its profitability since inception, starting from 100. For example, a quote of 179.19 means that the return of the DARWIN since inception has been 79.19 %.

List prices are updated every 30 seconds based on the market price of the assets underlying the DARWIN at that time.

From a more technical or sophisticated standpoint, the quote price shows live the money that an investor would have if they had invested in the DARWIN from an account in the same base currency as the underlying strategy, with an initial investment of 100, and with perfect execution between trader and investor (this supposes that the investor obtains the same execution prices in the assets in which the trader operates).

It takes into account open and closed trades replicated for this hypothetical investor, including commissions, spreads and swaps.

In this way, the concept of 'quote price' for a DARWIN is different to the concept of quote price for an asset in an organised market.  In an organised market, the quote price is determined by the supply and demand of all the agents who at that precise moment want to open or close a position on this asset.

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