How to link an existing MT4 account to Darwinex

Linking your MT4 account is easy and should not take you longer than 2 minutes. Once linked, we'll provide you with a detailed diagnostic on your investable attributes. 

First, you'd need to sign up at Once registered, follow the steps below. 

1- Link your live MT4 account

Account linking can be initiated from the "Linked accounts" section if you already have a trading account with us...

...or from the "Are you a trader" section if you do not yet have a trading account with us.

You'll be asked for a name and description of the strategy you'll be linking. These data can be changed later on. Feel free to skip the "description" bit at this stage if you don't feel like typing!

Then you'll need to provide us with your brokers' server name, your MT4 account login and your investor password. Your investor password is a read-only password, so don't worry, we can't trade with it!

If your broker's server is not on the list, please ask us to add it. You'll receive an email notification when your broker's server becomes available.

After submitting the data of your linked account, our system will log into the account to retrieve both history and ongoing trades in order to analyze the account. The first analysis can take up to 24-48 hours to appear. Again, you'll receive an email notification when your linked account gets analyzed.

Once your linked account gets analyzed for the first time, analysis will get updated once per day.

That's it!

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