*MT5 live accounts with other brokers cannot be linked and migrated to Darwinex at this time, nor MT4 accounts which trade cryptocurrencies

Before getting right into the how-to-link/migrate article, we would like to show you a couple of pics about the DARWIN $THA: 

$THA decided to migrate his account on Jan 15th 2017

Since then, he has earned almost 120K in performance fees (article edited on 22-02-2018). You can see the most up-to-date amount by clicking in the Hall of Fame section.

Are you convinced now and definitely want to become the next $THA? If so, please follow the following steps.

How to link and migrate my MT4 track record, create a DARWIN and earn 20% performance fee like $THA

The process for doing this has two steps.

  1. Link your account => The first is linking the live MT4 account and waiting for it to get analyzed by Darwinex algorithms.
  2. Migrate your account => The second is importing the linked account's track record into a live Darwinex MT4 account. You don't need to close your existing MT4 account, you can keep both. 

1- Link your live MT4 account

Account linking can be initiated from the "Linked accounts" section if you already have a trading account with us...

...or from the "Are you a trader" section if you do not yet have a trading account with us.

First, you'll be asked for a name and description of the strategy you'll be linking. These data can be changed later on.

Then you'll need to provide us with your brokers' server name, your MT4 account login and your investor password. Your investor password is a read-only password, so don't worry, we can't trade with it!

If your broker's server is not on the list, please ask us to add it. You'll receive an email notification when your broker's server becomes available.

After submitting the data of your linked account, our system will log into the account to retrieve both history and ongoing trades in order to analyze the account. The first analysis can take up to 24-48 hours to appear. Again, you'll receive an email notification when your linked account gets analyzed.

Once your linked account gets analyzed for the first time, analysis will get updated once per day.

Darwinex will be able to analyze a linked account if it fulfills the following requisites:

2- Migrate your linked account into a live Darwinex MT4 account

Having a linked account gives you access to the Darwinex analysis. Creating a DARWIN, however, is not possible out of linked accounts. Check out why it is necessary to trade with Darwinex for creating a DARWIN

For creating a DARWIN that takes into account your track record accrued with a broker different than Darwinex, you need to import this track record into a live Darwinex MT4 account.

In order to be able to schedule the import process, you first have to have your Darwinex profile validated. This is needed so we can open a live Darwinex account for you during the import process.

During profile validation you'll be asked to choose a base currency for your Darwinex profile (EUR, GBP or USD). Please take into account that importing will only be available if the currency of your linked account and the currency of your Darwinex profile are the same.

When your profile is validated, you'll be able to schedule import of the track record of your linked account.

Importing will be done over the weekend, when the market is closed. Any trades left open for the weekend on the source account will get imported as closed at Friday market close price.

As a last step, you'll need to fund the Darwinex Live MT4 account into which the track record got migrated. You'll find it under the same name you gave your linked account followed by an "M".

Changes to the balance between your old and your new account will be accounted for and won't affect your performance track-record. If the balance in your Darwinex account is different than the balance in your linked account, we'd recommend changing the size of the trades in your Darwinex account accordingly to avoid sudden changes in your risk parameters.

Track record will only get imported into our system for analysis purposes, it will not show up under the Darwinex MT4 account's Account history.

Once a linked account gets imported, we'll stop connecting to the broker's server and also stop analyzing the linked account.

Please note that the same track record can only be imported once. Should you choose to delete your Darwinex account into which it got imported, you would no be able to import it again.

Create a DARWIN and start earning performance fees!

You are now set up to start trading from the live Darwinex MT4 account in order to keep building your strategy on top of the imported track record and request DARWIN creation.

From that moment on, you will be able to start accumulating 20% performance fees collected out of both your investors and Darwinex' profits.

Be reminded that Darwinex invests 24MM of notional capital in its own traders thanks to our monthly trading challenge called DarwinIA.

Check out the video (no narration, closed-caption-only)

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