Before being able to open a live Metatrader account, you'll need to have undergone our validation procedure and have a verified Darwinex profile.

Opening a live Metatrader account

To open a live Metatrader account with Darwinex, you'll need to log in to the platform -> Click "Live Accounts" -> Click "Open Live Account". It is not possible to open a Darwinex trading account directly from the Metatrader terminals.

You'll be provided with your account login and password, the server you'll need to connect to and a link to download the respective platform (MT4 or MT5).

This same information will be also sent to you per email.

You may open as many live MT4/MT5 accounts as you need.

Adding funds to your live trading account

You may add funds to your live Metatrader account from your Darwinex Wallet.

Learning how MT4/MT5 works

You'll find a Metatrader user guide built into the MT4/MT5 desktop terminal which can be activated by pressing the F1 key of your keyboard or by clicking here. 

User guides for the mobile Metatrader apps can be checked out under the following links:

It is recommended that Metatrader users create a profile on the Metaquotes site (Metatrader's developer company) in order to be able to send them service desk tickets in case of specific issues.

Checking out your account's analysis

Darwinex trading account will be automatically analyzed from the day after the first trade is placed on the account. 

Basic metrics like return and drawdown get updated once per hour and at end-of-day (21:00 UTC).

Charts and Attribute scores get updated daily accounting for position at end-of-day (21:00 UTC) including open trades. The actual analysis is done during the night and becomes visible in the morning.

Your strategy in the site's Search feature

By default, a trading strategy's analysis page will be searchable by its name.

Hiding your strategy or trading journal

Hiding a strategy limits its accessibility to its owner. Other users won't be able to view the strategy's analysis not even if they know its name and search for it.

Hiding the trading journal of a strategy will eliminate for other users the part of the trading journal which normally displays detailed information of past trades (with the exception of the last 3 trades which are never displayed).

Deleting live trading accounts

MT4/MT5 accounts can be deleted from the strategy analysis page after having withdrawn any funds from them to the Wallet.

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