At Darwinex we strive to offer the best service adapted to both the personal/financial circumstances of our clients as well as the qualifications/experience they have in financial markets, especially with leveraged products.

As a precautionary measure, those users with little or less than average experience in the markets are offered a trading account with a reduced leverage compared with the normal conditions which we would offer to more experienced users.

We have implemented this measure because, based on our experience, the majority of our ‘novice’ traders tend to lose the larger part of their capital in a short space of time. As an ethical business, Darwinex considers it appropriate to limit the leverage of said clients so that they can operate in the markets long enough to acquire market experience without losing 100% of their capital due as a consequence of a use of excessive leverage.

To be able to increase your leverage, Darwinex requires you to gradually increase your experience by operating with real money in the markets.  As such, we have created a proprietary tool whereby we measure your trading experience as you increase the number of trades under your belt.

Where can you see your experience’s progress?

From the page containing the details of your trading strategy, in the upper right hand corner, you can check the leverage which you have been enabled on your account.   By clicking on the ‘settings’ symbol and selecting ‘modify max. leverage’, a window opens up where you can find the following:

  1. Leverage levels available for your account.
  2. Accumulated experience for you account.
  3. % of experience reached to be able to go up to the level of leverage.

Once you have reached the required level of experience and you enter the page containing your trading account details, an alert will automatically pop up notifying you of the chance to increase your leverage if you so wish.  To do so, you have to click on the ‘settings’ symbol and select ‘modify max. leverage’, and then proceed to increase the leverage.

For your information, once you have reached the minimum experience required in one of your accounts, all of your accounts with us will be enabled with the option of increase their respective leverages.

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