How to apply for an Interactive Brokers account with Darwinex

These are the steps to open an IB account with Darwinex.

Step 1

Have a validated Darwinex account

If you haven't yet passed the Darwinex account application process, you'll be asked to do so.

Step 2

Fill out a form with additional information required by Interactive Brokers

You can do this while you're waiting for confirmation of Step 1.

As part of Step 2, you'll be asked to fill out, sign and submit Form W-8BEN.

Step 3

Apply for the Interactive Brokers account

Proceed to Step 3 if you've completed Step 2 AND have in your Wallet the minimum deposit required by Interactive Brokers, which is $ 10,000.

After you've applied for an Interactive Brokers account, it can take 1-5 business days to have the account approved.

When your account is approved, you'll receive an email with the details of your Interactive Brokers account. The password you'll receive is provisional and you'll need to change it the first time you log in to IB's Client Portal. It's also required that you activate 2FA through IB's HandyKey mobile app.

Step 4

Transfer funds to your Interactive Brokers account

The last step to make your Interactive Brokers account fully operational is transfer funds to it.

You can initiate a transfer from your Darwinex Wallet. Transfers between the your Darwinex Wallet and your IBKR account are processed manually and can take up to 4 days to arrive.

If your Wallet is in EUR or GBP, we'll indicate the exchange rate at which it'll be converted to USD. Darwinex charges a conversion fee of 0.02%.


Please activate 2FA in the first 3 days after your first access to thr Client Portal. Your account could be blocked without it.

Check out IB's user guides, FAQs, APIs and tools to make the most of your Interactive Broker's account.