Can I buy and sell DARWINs whenever I want?

There are certain time restrictions on buying and selling DARWINs.

The fact that a DARWIN is a 100% liquid financial asset does not mean that you can buy and sell DARWINs 24 hours a day.

This is because at Darwinex we offer a wide range of financial assets to our traders (Forex, commodities and indices) with the aim of helping them to maximise their talent.

However, not all assets share the same opening/closing time, therefore you can find cases of DARWINs which are simultaneously trading various assets with different opening/closing times.

DARWIN trading times

Monday to Thursday 17:05-16:59 (NY time). On Fridays the market will close at 16:55 (NY time).

DARWINs remain open with the exception of a daily 6 minute window which coincides with market closure or rollover. During this time period liquidity is extremely reduced, which entails a widening of the spreads, so we prefer to close the DARWINs market in order to protect our investors.