What assets can I trade?

Darwinex currently offers all US Stocks, 60+ Futures Contracts, FX, Index, Single Stock and Commodity CFDs.


Darwinex Global clients (regulated under FSA) have the maximum leverage conditions similar to Professional Clients.


We currently offer 42 currency pairs.

For retail clients, the maximum leverage is 30:1 for major currency pairs with all other pairs having a maximum leverage of 20:1.

Should you meet the criteria to be classified as a Professional Client, you can access leverage up to 200:1

Index CFDs

We currently offer CFDs on 10 of the world's most important indices:

  • AUS200: ASX 200 (Australia)
  • FCHI40: CAC 40 (France)
  • GDAXI: DAX (Germany)
  • J225: Nikkei 225 (Japan)
  • NDX: Nasdaq 100 (USA)
  • SPA35: Ibex 35 (Spain)
  • SP500: S&P 500 (USA)
  • STOXX50E: Eurostoxx 50 (Eurozone)
  • UK100: FTSE 100 (UK)
  • WS30; Dow Jones Industrial Average (USA)

The maximum leverage permitted for Retail clients is 16:1 on all indices except SPA35 where it is 10:1.

The corresponding leverage limits for Professional clients are 20:1.

CFDs on Commodities

Darwinex offers access to 4 USD denominated CFDs on commodities. These are:

  • XAUUSD: Gold
  • XNGUSD: Natural Gas
  • XPTUSD: Platinum
  • XTIUSD: West Texas Crude

Leverage for Retail clients ranges from 10:1 to 20:1 while for Professional clients it ranges from 20:1 to 33:1.

CFDs on shares 

Darwinex currently offers direct market access (DMA) to the 30 DJIA constituent stocks and to a selection of CFDs of the most liquid NYSE and Nasdaq stocks.

In total, we offer access to approx 800 US stocks.

Leverage for both Retail and Professional clients is capped at 5:1.

CFDs on ETFs

Darwinex including a wide range  offers access to approx 100 US ETFs from different main ETF providers, such as Vanguard, iShares, Invesco, etc.

Futures and cash stocks

Darwinex has a collaboration with Interactive Brokers that gives access to trade with a different range of cash stocks and futures, depending on the type of account chosen to be opened at Interactive Brokers.

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