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  2. Providing a DARWIN

Which assets are eligible for DARWIN creation with a MT4/MT5 account?

You can create DARWINs on top of live MT4/MT5 accounts trading Forex, indices, commodities or stock CFDs.

You may create DARWINs based on 2 different asset categories in both MT4 and MT5:

  1. FOREX, indices and commodities CFDs
  2. CFDs of stocks and ETFs

You may open both 1 and 2 live account types from HERE.

At the moment it is not possible to combine FOREX, indices and commodities with single stocks in one live trading account.

Exception with SPA35 (IBEX35)

There is a restriction on accounts trading IBEX35 (SPA35) when it comes to creating a DARWIN.

SPA35 is enabled manually upon request since we have not managed to adapt our risk engine to its trading schedule yet.

Therefore, although you can create a DARWIN from an MT4/MT5 strategy that has previously traded the IBEX35, once the DARWIN has been created, that asset will be disabled on the underlying strategy (unless the user decides to continue trading it and not go ahead with the DARWIN).

IBKR Accounts for DARWIN providers*

You may also open a stock and/or futures DARWIN account with IBKR and create a DARWIN out of them.

You may read more about it HERE.

*Note: Only available for clients from our FCA (UK) regulated entity.