1. Darwinex Docs
  2. Providing a DARWIN

Which assets are eligible for DARWIN creation?

You can create DARWINs on top of live MT4/MT5 accounts trading Forex, indices, commodities, US stocks and ETF CFDs.

You may create DARWINs based on 2 different asset categories in MT4:

  1. FOREX, indices and commodities CFDs
  2. CFDs of US stocks and ETFs

By opening an account at MT5, you would be able to trade both groups at the same time. In addition, note the list of US stocks and ETFs is more limited in MT4.

You may open a live account types from HERE.

For requesting the creation of a DARWIN, the equity of the trading account must be equal to or greater than 1000 EUR / USD / GBP, depending on the base currency of the account.

IBKR Accounts for DARWIN providers*

You may also open a stock and/or futures DARWIN account with IBKR and create a DARWIN out of them.

You may read more about it HERE.