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Seed capital allocations

This article summarizes the vision behind DarwinIA and its seed capital allocations

The seed capital allocations in DarwinIA are notional (or virtual) allocations that come with a compensation commitment to the trader in the form of performance fees paid as a share of profits generated on such allocation. If the investments were real, we would need to be much more restrictive in the allocations and, therefore, would have to impose very complex conditions to obtain capital.

These allocations are a mechanism that we make available to traders to make the path towards building a reliable track record for investors more stimulating in the short term.

We consider a trader to have a reliable track record for investors when they reach two years of consistently achieving results. It is crucial to incentivize traders with healthy habits from the outset, both to encourage traders to operate with a long-term capital management perspective and to avoid the temptation of engaging in risky  and not recommended mechanisms, like high leverage.

Our data demonstrates that traders with DARWINs achieve better results than those who do not have them. This fact highlights the effectiveness of our incentives, which also prove effective in their real accounts.

Darwinex is an asset manager and needs profitable Traders for its own survival. For this reason, everything we do is designed to power Traders who want to do things right and help them generate income in the long run.

For further information about why Darwinex exists and how our long-term path to investor capital works please read this letter from our founders.