What are the execution costs?

By opening a trade, you incur various costs for a variety of reasons. We explore each one in more detail below.

Execution commission

Trading in the financial assets offered by Darwinex entails the payment of a very competitive commission. You can view them in the table of assets and spreads.

In the case of both Forex and commodities, the gross commission always equals 0.005% of the nominal value of the base currency.

For instance, should you want to buy 1 lot on the EURUSD, that is 100.000 €, the total round-trip cost would be 5 €.

Execution commissions will be charged in the base currency of the pair in question.

However, Darwinex will do the conversion immediately if the base currency in your MetaTrader account is different.

In the case of indices or stocks, there are important differences depending on the index/stock which you decide to trade. We recommend you check out the execution commission of all our indices and stocks.

Execution commissions will be charged in the currency of the index/share in question. However, as with Forex and commodities, Darwinex will do the conversion right away if the currency in your MetaTrader account is different.

Should you be a Professional client or have a DARWIN with a D-Score greater than 55, you are eligible for price reductions up to 40%.


Swap or rollover in Forex is an amount that is charged or deducted in the trader's account for trades open overnight, which is the result of the difference between the interbank interest rates of each currency pair involved in a trade.

If a trader is long a currency pair, and the base currency interest is greater than the interest of the quoted currency, Darwinex will credit that amount in the trader's account.

On the contrary, if the interest of the quoted currency is higher than the interest of the base currency, the amount will be subtracted from the trader's equity.

Please, bear in mind that swaps are not symmetrical since Prime Brokers apply a markup to all of them.

You may consult our swaps/rollovers in the table of assets and spreads.


Spread is the difference between the BID and the ASK price in a financial asset.

Generally, a reduced spread means a higher level of liquidity in the asset and vice versa.

Keep in mind that if you open and close a trade in a fraction of a second, you will incur a loss simply because of the BID / ASK spread and the execution commission.


A requote means that the broker is not able to execute the purchase/sale order at the requested price. This usually occurs in times of high volatility.

Depending on the broker, it either requotes the price to the nearest possible price and executes it directly, or it offers the trader the possibility of executing the order at the new price.

There are no requotes at Darwinex.

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