How do I raise capital?


First of all, you introduce your investors by using your own regulatory permissions, or we can appoint you under ours.

Eitther way, once you've introduced your investors to our white-label platform, we´ll re-direct them to your branded showroom

We’ve designed the Darwinex Pro model for your agility, efficiency, flexibility and for traceability to control our risks.

If you are regulated

If you’re already regulated, you may lead the sales process up to our suitability assessment - and we will support you both with our technology and with your investors. 

If you are NOT regulated

Alternatively, we offer our regulatory umbrella.

Note that we’ll carry out due-diligence on you and the service is by application, but all things being well, you’ll start introducing as soon as you complete training and we appoint you as our representative.

We’ve designed the introduction workflows to trace all interaction and mitigate regulatory risk

The set-up fee covers both training and registration

Steps to on-board your investors

Whilst details differ across regulatory regimes (FCA, MiFID, etc.), the gist doesn’t change:

  1. You detect / create investor interest by informing about a strategy based on your signals. 
  2. Should investors show interest, you describe the basic parameters of your strategy. IMPORTANT: you may do so without disclosing e.g. strategy performance as this could be interpreted as a financial promotion. 
  3. Should investors ask for more detail, it is up to you to issue an individual investor invitation code. We will submit detailed information about “Your strategy”. This will include all detail (performance, commissions, assets traded, etc.). 
  4. Should investors choose to proceed, we will clarify any doubts in recorded interactions. You may attend said interactions as subject matter expert, but we’ll lead them. 
  5. Should investors apply for an account, we will assess their application, assess whether or not the service suits their circumstances, and customise investor risk to them,

We’ll then on-board the investors and support them with any questions around the service. 

Your Darwinex Pro interface includes dashboards for you to track all investor invitations.

Please note that invitations are:

  • Investor individual
  • Payable, regardless of whether accepted by investors or not.