How often do we update our metrics and graphs?

We explain how often our metrics and graphs get updated.

Darwinex is capable of analyzing multiple characteristics of a trading strategy to distinguish a lucky strategy from a talented one.

Note that to analyze the evolution of a trading strategy, we take its equity as the basis. In other words, we take into account both the results of the closed trades as well as the value of the open trades.

Although our ultimate aim is to offer live analytics, we currently offer different levels of update frequencies.

Types of Metrics and Updates

We currently work with four types of update frequencies.

  1. VaR and D-Leverage. Both VaR and  D-Leverage metrics for all accounts with DARWIN are immediately updated. Although this data is not visible to our users, it's used by the Risk Engine.
  2. DARWIN quotes. DARWIN quotes and returns are updated every 30 seconds.
  3. DARWIN drawdown, investment, and certain graphs are updated once an hour.
  4. DARWIN graphs, tables and scores, and analysis of strategies without DARWIN. These are updated once a day during the European nighttime. Priority is given to the analysis of live trading accounts as opposed to demo trading accounts.

Additional information of interest

  • Last three positions hidden. As an additional protection mechanism of traders' intellectual property, the last three positions of trading strategies are never shown publicly.
  • The Trading Journal is updated once a day during the European nighttime.
  • Additional privacy protection. Hiding the last 3 positions already prevents others from fraudulently copying a strategy outside of the Darwinex platform. However, traders can activate additional protection levels under their strategy's privacy settings.

Do you want to learn more?

To learn more about the Investable Attributes and the D-Score, as well as other tools to carry out a fundamental analysis of any trading strategy, we recommend this webinar recording.