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How to create a DARWIN

Learn what you need to do to list your own DARWIN on the DARWIN Exchange and earn performance fees legally.

No need to be a regulated asset manager

Since they are not regulated to do so, DARWIN Providers do not manage investors’ capital themselves.

Who manages investor capital then?

It is Darwinex, as an asset manager regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. the one in charge to manage investor capital.

Therefore, DARWIN providers let Darwinex know  "what and when to buy/sell" in exchange for a 15% performance fee on the profits generated by their investors, whereas Darwinex decides "how much to buy/sell". 

Why do you need to trade a live Darwinex account in order to list a DARWIN?

Live vs. demo trading when it comes to listing a DARWIN

A DARWIN is an investable asset that replicates a live Darwinex MT4/MT5 account.

Therefore, you need to have/open a live Darwinex MT4 or MT5 account in order to be able to create a DARWIN.

Why demo accounts are not eligible to create a DARWIN

On the one hand, since all the trades in your demo account never route to the interbank market, demo accounts do not experience slippage as real accounts do.

On the other hand, the trader does not risk his or her own capital when trading on a demo account. Therefore, it would not be fair to ask investors to risk their capital on a strategy where the trader does not risk his or her own capital.

Difference between demo and live MT4 accounts

Why trade with Darwinex

These are the reasons why it's necessary to trade with Darwinex in order to list a DARWIN.

  • Trading with Darwinex reduces latency between the execution of the trader's trades and the execution of investors' trades replicating the trader. If we were to receive trade information from the servers of other brokers, latency, and thus investor divergence, would be higher.
  • Depending on other brokers for passing us trade information would create a dependency on third parties which would make our product less robust and more fragile.
  • Last but not least, only if traders trade with us we can guarantee that their intellectual property is protected.

Two ways to create your DARWIN 

  1. Opening a new live MT4 or MT5 account with us and start trading from scratch. You may open a live MT4/MT5 account from HERE.
  2. Link and migrate your live MT4 trading history from another broker.

    DARWIN creation criteria

    Once you have a live Darwinex MT4/MT5 account  you need to meet the following criteria to create a DARWIN:

    • You must complete 25 representative trading decisions. 
    • 15 days since the first trade was placed. 

    For detailed information about how a representative trading decision is measured, please visit this article.


    For requesting the creation of a DARWIN, the equity of the trading account must be equal to or greater than 1000 EUR / USD / GBP, depending on the base currency of the account.

    DARWIN creation process

    Once your account meets the requirements to create a DARWIN, the "Create DARWIN" button will appear on the upper right corner of the strategy's analysis page:

    Create DARWIN EN

    Then, a window will open up to select your preferred "ticker" for your new DARWIN:

    Select Name EN

    Once your DARWIN gets listed, it'll be ready to both attract investment from Darwinex investors and to participate in the monthly DarwinIA capital allocation program.

    DARWINs are not created immediately

    The DARWIN will be generated over the following weekend and manually approved by our team next Monday/Tuesday. You'll receive an email notification upon approval