How to open an Interactive Brokers account with Darwinex

These are the steps to open an IB account with Darwinex.

1. Make the registration at Darwinex. There is no need to complete the full registration process at this point. It will be required when you request the DARWIN creation.

2. Request the IB account opening from your Darwinex account. You can do it from this link.

ibkr open

Darwinex act as an Introducing Broker. The registration process and any money management & transfer of funds would be processed directly with Interactive Brokers exclusively.

3. Select the type of account you want to open between Classic, DARWIN of stocks and DARWIN of futures.

Note: If you pointed you want to manage funds from investors, you will be able to choose any type of account. If, on the other hand, you mentioned on the onboarding you do NOT want to manage funds from third-party investors, you will only be able to open a Classic account. Should you want to change anything, reach us at

4. Once you complete the request, the process would lead you to Interactive Brokers website to start & complete the registration process. Interactive Brokers would make the follow-up of your application status. You can check what you need to complete the application here.

5. When your account is approved, you'll receive an email with the details of your Interactive Brokers account. The password you'll receive is provisional and you'll need to change it the first time you log in to IB's Client Portal. It's also required that you activate 2FA through IB's HandyKey mobile app. Please activate 2FA in the first 3 days after your first access to the Client´s Portal. Your account could be blocked without it.

Note: The registration process at IB typically takes a few days.

6. The last step to make your Interactive Brokers account fully operational is to transfer funds to it. You can pick the base currency you want to deposit with, which will be completely independent from your Darwinex Wallet base currency.

Check out IB's user guides, FAQs, APIs and tools to make the most of your Interactive Broker's account.

As soon as you start trading at IB, your strategy performance will be updated on a daily basis at Darwinex (as long as it's not a Classic type of account)