IBKR Accounts

In this article, we are going to review the IBKR account types that Darwinex offers to its traders and investors.

Interactive Brokers (BKR) account types

Darwinex currently offers 3 types of IBKR accounts:

Classic Account

The Classic Account is the ideal solution for those traders who do not plan to manage investor capital.

Otherwise, we invite you to consult both the DARWIN Stock Account and the DARWIN Futures Account.

Assets available

All stocks listed in the United States, denominated in USD, as well as all available futures in the DARWIN Futures Account.

Coming soon...

Darwinex will add more assets to the Classic Account, and more quickly, than in the rest of the accounts.

The next assets that will be available in the Classic Account will be the most liquid European and Japanese stocks.

You may open a Classic Account from HERE.

Stocks DARWIN Account

Assets available

All American stocks currently offered in CFD format for trading on the MT4 / MT5 account*.

You may check the full list of our Stocks CFDs HERE.

* Darwinex intends to increase the current list of assets by incorporating more stocks from the US and the European market.

Frequently Asked Questions about DARWINs linked to a "Stocks DARWIN Account"

  • Is it possible to create a DARWIN from my Stocks DARWIN Account? Of course!
  • Is my DARWIN able to participate in DarwinIA like any other DARWIN? Yes
  • Is my DARWIN able to manage capital from the Darwinex investment community? Although it will be enabled in the future, as of today these DARWINs cannot manage capital from our Darwinex investment community.

You may open a Stocks DARWIN Account from HERE.

Futures DARWIN Account

Assets available

More than 50 futures that you may consult HERE*

* In principle, it is not planned to add more futures to the DARWIN Futures Account

Frequently Asked Questions about DARWINs linked to a "DARWIN Futures Account"

  • Is it possible to create a DARWIN from my Futures DARWIN Account? Although this option will be available soon, as of today it is not allowed to create DARWIN from a "Futures DARWIN Account"
  • Will the history accumulated in a "Futures DARWIN Account" be taken into consideration when I can create a DARWIN? Yes
  • What will I be able to do next with my Futures DARWIN account? As with the DARWIN of Stocks, your participation in DarwinIA will first be enabled and, later, the Future DARWINs will be opened to the Darwinex investment community.
  • What has Darwinex taken into account to offer these particular futures? In anticipation of potential technical problems that may lead to futures with less liquid maturities, at Darwinex we only offer futures with the highest volume and whose maturities are the most liquid. For this purpose -offering assets to our traders with sufficient volume and liquidity-, we will make sure to define the number of days remaining for its maturity date from which it could be traded.
  • Could DARWINs and its investors trade futures with different maturities? Yes, regardless of the future maturity the trader might be trading, Darwinex will always buy the most liquid future to its investors to ensure that they get the best possible execution in all the trades.

Reasons why the Stocks DARWIN Stock Account and the Futures DARWIN Account cannot be merged

At Darwinex we understand that the best-case scenario would be to be able to offer in a single account the possibility to trade both stocks and futures.

However, there are reasons that discourage it, at least during this initial phase *:

  • Create a firewall between Stocks DARWIN and Futures DARWINs accounts so that a potential technological problem in one block of assets may not affect the other.
  • Offer more transparency to the investor so that they can classify DARWINs based on the underlying assets in which they operate.
  • Optimize trade execution by offering assets with similar liquidity and thus avoid unexpected slippages.

*Not being able to currently create a DARWIN that operates with stocks and futures in the same account does not imply that Darwinex will not decide to enable it in the future