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Performance Fees for DARWIN providers

Earn 15% of the net profits of your investors in a legal way.

Manage investor capital with your DARWIN

Thanks to Darwinex you will be able to manage third party capital indirectly under the coverage of our license as a capital management firm.

We apply a risk management layer to your trading strategy transforming it into a new product, the DARWIN, which will replicate your entries and exits paying wholesale brokerage fees, 60% cheaper than retail.

DARWIN leverage is defined by our risk engine and all DARWINs trade with a target risk level within the range of 3.25-6.5% monthly VaR at 95% confidence.

This risk management by Darwinex algorithms is entirely independent from that of the DARWIN provider. This enables compliance with regulatory requirements thus ensuring that you can get paid performance fees from our asset manager.

Performance Fee & Investor Behaviour section


More info about performance fees

  • Performance Fees

Darwinex charges a 20% performance fee on any 3rd party profit in DARWINs. 15% is for you, 5% for Darwinex.

  • Quarterly Payments

Performance fees get paid quarterly on a High-Water Mark basis. An Investor's first investment in a DARWIN marks the effective start date of the quarter investing in that DARWIN.

  • Total Transparency

You'll be able to see individual investments and high-water mark quarter ends for every investor in your DARWIN, updated daily. Please, click HERE to be get access to your performance fee section.

  • More than $5 M paid so far

So far we've paid DARWIN providers in excess of $5 million in performance fees. This information is public and is updated daily on the Hall of Fame section.