Rebates for traders

Darwinex offers two types of price discount, eligibility for which is dependent on your classification as a Retail or Professional client.

What are rebates?

Trading rebates (trading retrocessions) are a part of the execution commission paid by a trader that is subsequently refunded subject to them meeting specific criteria.

As of ESMAs market intervention commencing 01 August 2018, Darwinex classifies clients as Retail or Professional clients.

Rebates are made as refunds in arrears on the commissions paid during the previous month. The corresponding entry is made in the Wallet corresponding to the discount applied.

Retail traders: talent-linked pricing

All Retail traders at Darwinex are eligible for rebates linked to the best D-Score of any of their DARWINs at month end.

Example (using EURUSD):

  • If your highest D-Score is less than 55, round trip commission is €5 per lot

  • If your highest D-Score is between 55 and 60, round trip commission is €4 per lot across all your trading accounts (20% discount)

  • If your highest D-Score is above 60, round trip commission is €3 per lot across all your trading accounts (40% discount).

At the end of the month, each trader's strategies get reviewed.

The strategy with the best D-Score counts as that month's D-Score.

Commissions paid by the trader during the month get summed up.

Based on the month's D-Score, a % of those commissions gets paid back to the trader.

Professional traders: volume-linked pricing

Darwinex refunds part of the commissions generated over the course of a given month as long as the gross monthly commission is over €250.

Professional client requirements

Trading rebates are paid in arrears and the exact % discount varies as a function of the below tranches:

Rebates proffesional


You are a trader who has opened and closed 150 lots or EURUSD.

At €5 per lot round trip, the total gross commissions generated are €750.

How much would be refunded via rebate?

As you can see in the above table, the first €250 in commission do not qualify for rebates and the following €750 is subject to a 10% rebate.

In our example Darwinex will refund:

  • €0 for the first €250  
  • 10% for the remaining €500 or €50

NOTE: Professional traders can opt for the Retail trader rebate scheme. Alternatively, they can contact to negotiate a fixed discount.

Where can I see my rebate information?

Whether you are a Retail or Professional client, you can see information relating to your historic rebates by clicking on "Price discounts" in the left menu within the platform.

These are displayed on a calendar month basis.

Pricing discounts