What is Darwinex Pro?

Darwinex Pro allows you to raise capital on your own terms, with your own brand, on Darwinex infrastructure.

Darwinex Pro is a Darwinex feature designed for strategy promoters to legally promote their strategies to their investors on flexible terms. 

  • Strategies: Pro is an exclusive showroom for a provider’s strategies - exclusive in this context means it only contains strategies by the promoter.
  • Your Investors: Providers introduce their investors to a branded instance of our “Platform as a service” white-label.
  • Flexibility: You set the fee-schedule on an investor individual basis. We customize strategy risk on a bespoke, investor individual basis.
  • Compliance: We appoint you as an introducing appointed representative (FCA) or tied-agent (MifiD) - so you can approach investors with our permissions

Last but not least - the rev-share reflects the fact that promoters - as opposed to Darwinex - bear the commercial effort. This is the reason why promoters keep both the management and the success fee they set. (Note that Darwinex charges investors the platform fee)

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