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Why you should create a DARWIN

Creating a DARWIN provides you with an additional source of income as providers receive 15% of the net profits of any AuM in their DARWIN.

A DARWIN is a liquid financial asset that is listed on the DARWIN Exchange. It replicates the provider’s trading strategy for investors with wholesale brokerage commissions, 60% cheaper then retail.

DARWIN leverage is managed by Darwinex's risk manager. The risk manager acts so as to protect our investors’ capital.

Its quote price is determined by the return built up since the DARWIN's inception.

Advantages of listing a DARWIN

  • Extra income. Creating a DARWIN provides you with an additional source of income. Traders receive 15% of the net profits obtained by investors in the DARWIN. Investors operate with wholesale brokerage which means higher returns -> more performance fees for the provider. 
  • DarwinIA. Through the DarwinIA trading challenge, Darwinex invests every month a maximum of € 7.5M notional capital in the 120 top DARWINs as classified by our rating algorithm. This capital is invested, without interruption, for six months -> you receive 15% on profits. Your DARWIN could be one of them!
  • Discounts in commissions. Darwinex rates trading strategies based on a proprietary algorithm we call the Darwinex Score (D-Score). Traders with Darwin will be eligible for up to 40% discount on their trading commissions, depending on the D-Score of the Darwin.
  • IP protection. No investor will be able to see your open traders. Darwinex ensures that the only way to "copy" a trader's strategy is by buying the DARWIN which replicates the underlying strategy.
  • Legal coverage to be paid for investor profits. Darwinex is regulated by the FCA (UK) as a broker and as an asset manager. We offer legal coverage to traders so that they can get paid 15% of the net profits investor make. 

Healthy leverage & continuous improvement

  • Don't abuse your account's leverage. Managing a DARWIN provides you with a way to leverage investor capital instead of putting your own capital at risk with excessive account leverage. Trading with a healthy leverage is a pre-requisite for obtaining sustainable returns on the medium and long term.
  • The analytical toolkit that accompanies DARWINs can help you improve on a continuous basis.

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