Thanks to DarwinIA , Darwinex invests 4,000,000 EUR of notional capital in the best 48 DARWINs of such month. 

Funds keep allocated to the winning DARWINs for a 6 month period and the DARWIN Providers get a 20% performance fee on the profits they generate with the allocated funds (calculated quarterly on a high watermark basis).

Winners are picked every month based on the following ranking criteria (listed in order of importance).

  • The DARWIN's D-score
  • The DARWIN's monthly return
  • The DARWIN's regularity

DarwinIA investments will be allocated in the winning DARWINs no later than ten business days after they win the allocation.

Who can participate in DarwinIA?

Only DARWINs can participate in our monthly trading challenge.

Furthermore, the DARWIN has to meet the following 2 criteria:

  • Correlation => if 2 DARWINs are highly correlated (correlation higher than 0.8) as per Darwinex algorithms, only the DARWIN with the higher D-score will be eligible for the monthly allocation capital. If the same Provider has 2 DARWINs with a correlation higher than 0.5, only the one with the higher D-Score is eligible for DarwinIA.
  • Divergence => DARWINs with a monthly divergence equal to or lower than -0.5% are not eligible for participation either unless they have an AuM below 2000$. 

Both correlation and divergence are recalculated every day. The fact that a DARWIN is not participating a given day does not mean it will not participate the next day either.

It is possible to know if a DARWIN currently participates in DarwinIA checking its "Correlation" tab:

Which update determines the final monthly rating?

The rating is updated every 4 hours when the market is open.

The last update of the month if the one establishing the month's winners and is done at 20:00 UTC on the month's last market day.

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