Execution Report Section

Darwinex provides every Darwinex customer with EVERY detail on EACH order traded.

Where can I find the Execution Report section?

To access your Execution Report section, you need to access to your live trading strategy and look for the tab "Execution Report". Captura de pantalla 2023-07-12 105008

Note: this section is only available for Darwinex live account holders. 

What is included in the Execution Report?

For each trade, the report contains:

  1. Prevailing BID & ASK price at the precise ms timestamp for each trade
  2. Execution speed in milliseconds, tracking the time lapsing since your order reaches our routing engine until we receive fill confirmation from the LP.
  3. Negative / positive slippage (if any) tracking the difference between requested and achieved fill price, both in terms of price and pips.

Note: Data are updated every weekend to avoid excessive requests to our servers during weekdays.