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How to migrate an MT4 account?

The migration process enables you to import the trading history you have built up in a live MT4 account with another broker. Migrating the trading history allows you to create a DARWIN right away, thus making the most of what Darwinex has to offer.

Only Darwinex traders can create DARWIN. Migration requires opening a Live Darwinex account to proceed.

What is it?

The migration process enables you to import the trading history you have built up in a live MT4 account with another broker. You'll be able to create a DARWIN, participate in the DarwinIA trading contest and opt to manage investor capital right away.

In order to migrate the trading history you have built up with another broker, you will need to have linked an MT4 account from another broker.

How to migrate the account

If you have already linked the account and you want to migrate your trading history, go to "Trading" - ''Trading Accounts'', click on ''Linked Accounts'' and select the account you have previously linked.


Then follow these three steps:

Step 1 - Fill in your personal details

This is only only necessary if you haven't yet applied for a Darwinex account.

Step 2 - Request the migration

Schedule the importing of your linked MT4 trading account's history into a Darwinex MT4 account. The linked account's currency should be the same as your wallet's base currency.

Darwinex will automatically create a live MT4 account where the full trading history will be imported. It is very important that you do not open any trades on this account until you receive a notification about the successful completion of the migration process.

The migration will take place over the weekend, when markets are closed.

Step 3 - Deposit funds

To start trading from the Darwinex MT4 account to which your track record has been imported, you'll need to add funds to your wallet and transfer them to your Darwinex MT4 account.

Do you want to learn more?

Important factors to bear in mind regarding account migration:

  1. Different balances. If the balance of your new Darwinex account is different to that of the account at your original broker, Darwinex will take this into account so this does not affect your return. Nevertheless, we do recommend that you trade with the same level of nominal leverage you did with your previous broker. In other words, you should adjust the size of the trades to the capital in your account, in order to avoid abrupt changes in the investible attributes scores which are related to your risk management.
  2. Analysis. The linked account's trading history will only be migrated for analysis. It will not show on the Darwinex MT4 account's history.
  3. Disconnecting from the external server. Once the migration has been completed, we will stop connecting to your broker's server.
  4. One trading history, one migration. You can only migrate a trading history over to Darwinex once. This means that if you decide to delete the MT4 account which you have migrated the trading history over to, you will not be able to migrate it over again.