What is the difference between Darwinex and Pro?

Darwinex Pro is a Darwinex extension and, by using it, you waive none of the benefits (seed capital, capital intro, etc.) but you add the option to introduce investor capital to your strategies.

Pro customers enjoy seed capital and cap intro via Darwinex, with the added option to raise their own capital. 

The rest flows pretty much from here:

  • You set Pro investor management and performance fees, enjoying a higher rev-share since you, not Darwinex, raise capital.
  • You introduce investors to your showroom (your brand and strategies only). This preempts the risk that your investors pick other Darwinex strategies, and simplifies investor UX.

Last, but not least - we manage investor risk for an investor bespoke basis - e.g. conservative investor A may invest with 1.5% VaR, whilst expert, aggressive investor B invests with 10% VaR.

NB - both flavours feed off the same signal account, which is your existing Darwinex account.