The Trading Journal can be found on the DARWINs' page, under the 'Underlying strategy' tab. 

It plots, with interactive zoom, a trading strategy in a timeline with 5 overlaid charts:

  • Return: evolution of equity over any reference period
  • Risk: D-Leverage for EVERY position in the track-record
  • Open trades: Number of simultaneously open trades
  • Score: Evolution of your D-score over time
  • Trade Distribution

The table on the right hand side of the chart provides additional information on the position at which the mouse is pointing (this is highlighted by vertical tracking lines), and the trades involved in each position are shown in the timeline at the bottom of the chart.

Traders can opt for hiding part of their trading journal

When Trade distribution is not visible below the rest of the graphs of the trading journal, then the trader has opted for not disclosing this information.

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