As the number of DARWINs listed on our exchange keeps growing by the day, many investors on our platform reach out to us asking how to build their portfolio. With this in mind and in order to make life easier for investors, we created a number of predefined filters.

Here is what criteria your DARWIN needs to meet to enter a predefined filter.

Most investors

The Top 20 DARWINs with the highest number of investors on the Darwin Exchange.

Good scores

DARWINs with good scores in all Investment Attributes (excluding Capacity).

Return > 50 %

DARWINs with realised returns greater than 50%, on the Darwin Exchange.

On fire

DARWINs with the best return over the last 3 months and whose return/drawdown is higher than 2. 


The specific formula of the promising filter is as follows: Timing*0.2 + Performance*0.2 + Scalability*0.1 + Risk management*0.25 + Consistency*0.25. If the result is higher than 6.5 AND the Experience score is between 2 and 6, than the DARWIN qualifies for this filter.


DARWINs were listed during the current week.


The 20 DARWINs that got more new investors during the last month.

Under the radar

DARWINs with good scores on the Investable Attributes, experience of at least 6 months in Darwinex and a monthly reduced divergence (> -0.5%), currently managing investors’ capital of less than $500k.

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