How to select DARWINs for investing

We put at your disposal search tools, filters, and lists that will help you find those DARWINs that meet your criteria to become part of your investment portfolio.

The DARWIN Exchange lists a considerably large number of DARWINs.

To select those you wish to invest in, we put at your disposal search tools, filters (predefined and personalized) and lists.

Default filters

This is the list of the current 10 default filters we put at your disposal: 

  1. Top Investors => Made up of the 20 DARWINs which are currently being replicated by the highest number of investors.
  2. Good scores => Includes DARWINs with a good grade combination in the 12 Investment Attributes, excluding Capacity.
  3. Return >50% => Includes DARWINs which have a return over 50% since they were created and, therefore quote above 150.
  4. On fire => Includes DARWINs which have yielded the best returns over the last three months whilst maintaining a moderate drawdown.
  5. Trending => Contains the 20 most popular DARWINs for new investors over the last month.
  6. Promising => Includes DARWINs with a good score combination in 11 Investable Attributes, but that still lack Experience (Ex).
  7. Latest => Contains the new DARWINs published that week.
  8. Community DARWINs => Made up of the DARWINs whose trading depends on the internal data generated but the trading strategies which trade with Darwinex.
  9. Under the radar => DARWINs with good scores in its Investable Attributes which currently manage less than $500k and have at least 6 months history at Darwinex, as well as a low monthly Divergence (>-0.5%).
  10. Invested in the Past. Includes the DARWINs you have invested in over the last two months but are no longer in your portfolio.

Search bar

Along with the predefined filters, Darwinex provides you with a search bar so you can find any DARWIN listed on our market.

This can be found at the top right-hand corner - magnifying glass symbol - and you just have to key in the three letters which identify the DARWIN in question and click on the dropdown.

Search bar



  1. Save your Favourites => As you find DARWINs that you like, you may save them as ''Favourites'' to keep them at hand.
  2. Diversify your portfolio => Do not focus all your investment on just one DARWIN. It is much better to create a diversified portfolio made up of various DARWINs in order to minimise your portfolio's risk.
  3. Practise in demo => Always practise in demo before starting to invest with a live account.