How to update MT4 / MT5 to the latest version

Metaquotes release updates to their MT4 / MT5 software every so often to fix bugs and launch new features. This article explains how to update your MT4 / MT5 terminal to the latest version.

To update your MT4 / MT5 terminal, you'd just need to restart your terminal and accept the update to the latest version after the restart.


Should your terminal not update after the restart, you can follow the steps below. 

1. Run as administrator

- Right click on the MT4 / MT5 icon on your desktop

- Click "Run as administrator"

- Click "Yes" on the pop-up message

- MT4 / MT5 will open and update to the latest version

This update procedure is recommended to ensure that past info & set-ups is not deleted. 

Should these steps not work, you can always follow the steps below. 


2. Reinstalling MT4 / MT5 software

If the option above does not help to update the software, you can always reinstall the terminal on your desktop as explained at


Note: You can trade from MetaTrader web version as well.