To access to your investor portfolio, you only need to click at the bottom bar of the DARWINs' Terminal.

That will automatically open up your investor portfolio (demo or live depending on what you have left the switch on) where you'll be able to view the following tabs:

  1. ''Chart'' - evolution of your portfolio and/or specific DARWINs reflected on a chart
  2. ''Invested DARWINs'' - shows the list of current opened DARWINs, the open P&L as well as the TP and SL orders
  3. ''Pending Orders'' - shows all the ''Buy Limit''/"Take Profit"/"Stop Loss" orders placed
  4. ''History'' - shows the list of all closed investments
  5. ''Performance Fees'' - lists all pending and paid performance fees per DARWIN
  6. ''Rebates'' - shows the diversification rebates paid back to you on a daily basis
  7. ''Portfolio Risk'' - lists the correlation details of the DARWINs you're currently investing in

The following interactive image shows the steps:


Additionally, you can add and withdraw funds from your portfolio (live) and reset your demo portfolio any time.

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